Showing the money in CX is more critical than ever before

But for most teams, the question is, how?

Alain Thys' Monetise the customer experience is the only programme that gives you the tools, training, templates and coaching to recession-proof your CX by demonstrating ROI and creating tangible revenue impact. Affordably.


Some of the companies that have worked with us

Today's #1 customer experience challenge:

The current economic climate forces every business to consider the return on its experience investments. CX initiatives that add insufficient value, should rightfully be challenged.

But demonstrating the ROI on CX isn't easy. Let alone capture the customer value that is created.

Models are complex. Data is scarce. Even in a perfect world, it's not easy to 'show the business the money'.

Every time the payoff of CX investments is in question...

  • CX resources are insufficient, or even at risk
  • The opinion of CX advocates is less valued
  • The business focuses on 'other priorities'
  • Customer teams get demotivated

Businesses that aren't monetising CX don't really know...

  • How much to still invest in CX: without ROI it's guesswork
  • Where to invest scarce resources: not all CX are equal
  • How to turn the customer value-added into profit 
  • How to sustain CX efforts, when cost cutting is the norm

You need a better way to demonstrate the value of CX and turn customer smiles into cash…

Without CX monetisation, good initiatives and people are at risk...

When customer experience is seen as a cost, not an investment, it becomes a 'nice to have’ to be cut.

But it's not just the programmes that are challenged. Already before the current crisis, Forrester predicted that in 2020 one in four CX positions are at risk.

Especially in companies where CX initiatives are unable to prove their monetary contribution.

The current climate won't improve these numbers.

... but it's not always easy to show the return-on-experience.

It's easy to get frustrated by the world of ROI models and customer data. 

Software vendors, consultancies and experts have increased rather than reduced complexity. Models require data you simply don't have. Colleagues challenge assumptions. 

And even if you manage to come to a clear prediction, there's still the matter of turning your forecasts into tangible customer profit (i.e. cash).


Monetise the customer experience

The only programme that gives teams the tools, training, templates and coaching to recession-proof your CX by demonstrating the return on experience in numbers and in cash.

And we’ll help you do this in 100 days or fewer.

Click the button and choose a time to talk to a Customerfit coach. Whether you request programme pricing or not, you're sure to walk away with a few ideas for monetising CX in your company.

We help you calculate and capture the return on your customer experience investments

Monetise the customer experience gets you faster results, with no compromise on performance, because:

It’s intuitive

In spite of what others might say, you don't need rocket science to calculate and capture the return on customer experience. 

 We give you powerfully simple methods that are easy to explain and can be applied by anyone, in any business. Even if you only have 'limited' customer data.

It works for everyone  

Regardless of your current 'state of CX', 100 days of Monetise the customer experience can take you to the next level.

And go beyond. By revisiting the content, you'll keep discovering new paths to profit. With 20 ways to capture CX value, you'll never run out of things to do 😉.

It’s profit-focused

Spreadsheets are nice, but tangible profits are nicer. While theoretical models show you formulas, we prefer money in the bank.

Monetise the CX is the only programme that shows you how to turn ROI estimates into actual profits. Or as we like to say: 'turn customer smiles into cash'.


“The value of the content is fantastic, and the structure is so well built that everything is logical and straightforward. The great thing is that you gave me tools to support my projects to my management. Moreover, you gave me new ideas on how to better address customer experience and how to show its value to the stakeholders and so - getting them more involved.”  

 — Cornelia Mihaela, Enterprise Customer Experience Manager, Bitdefender

Here’s what’s included in Monetise the customer experience

Monetise the customer experience contains everything a motivated customer professional might need to calculate the return on CX investments, get buy-in for estimates and turn customer smiles into cash. By working with us, you'll get:

  • 50 instructional videos with the complete CX monetisation methodology  
  • Plug-and-play templates & tools to make calculations, run meetings and implement methods
  • Personal one-on-one coaching to adapt our general tools to your specific situation
  • Certification to validate your expertise (so when the market picks up, you can do some monetising of your own 😉💰).

A. 50 instructional videos

Over the years, Alain has helped organisations level-up their CX capabilities to affect the experience of over half a billion customers. He's lived through the recessions following the 1990s oil shock, the Dot-com crash and the banking crisis.

In the process, he's learned what works and what doesn’t when turning customer smiles into cash. Sometimes the hard way.

That's why he consolidated everything he's learned into 50 videos (5+ hours). These will show you exactly how to monetise your customer experience, including shortcuts to take and pitfalls to avoid.

Because all videos are available on-demand, you can start with the ones that create the quickest wins and revisit those you need for more structural results.

B. Plug-and-play templates & tools

Pioneering in customer experience can be fun. But it can also be painful as you have to create everything from scratch. To save you this effort, Alain included all the exact templates he's developed when working with customer experience champions around the world.  

These will allow you to avoid some of the embarrassing pitfalls he and his teams have encountered, and save time by moving straight to the stuff that works. And yes, perhaps also look good by being insightful and efficient in challenging times 😉. 

In Monetise the Customer Experience, you'll get resources for:  

  • Identifying opportunities to better monetise CX (self-assessment tool) 
  • Making CX business case calculations and ROI estimations (spreadsheet) 
  • Leading team buy-in sessions (meeting format, agenda template & slides)
  • Educating your team on monetising CX (all the slides Alain uses to inspire)
  • Easily accessing business case examples from various industries
  • Increasing the LTV of customers (by helping happy customers ‘buy more’)
  • Nudging your promoters to generate word-of-mouth (strategy sheet)
  • Nurturing your satisfied customers to become promoters (worksheet) 
  • Evaluating and reducing your discounts (framework template) 
  • Keeping and growing B2B accounts (CX partnership strategy sheet)
  • Visualising sales data by NPS (customisable graphic) 
  • Reducing costs (one-page framework) 
  • Engaging employees (strategy sheet)
  • Streamlining your CX channels (worksheet)
  • Focusing on the profits (overview of 20 ways to profit from CX) 

What's more, your coach will help you customise these templates so they exactly match your company's needs. And if there's something missing, they'll help you create new ones from scratch. 

C. Personal one-on-one coaching  

While the challenges can be similar, every company is unique. So the templates and methods we propose will need to be customised to your situation.

That's where our Customerfit expert coaches help you get faster results, with less frustration

On-demand/when needed, you can call on them to:

  • Co-customise the Monetise CX methods to your context
  • Answer any questions
  • Show how to overcome barriers, speed up and troubleshoot
  • Help manage the perception of your work to your colleagues
  • Have your back when surprises come along

And if you need a hand beyond the 100-day plan they'll help you develop, your coach is there to support. After all, there is always an extra path to profit from customer experience. 

D. Certification to validate your expertise 

The skillset you can acquire in this programme is unique in the world of customer experience management.  

Beyond adding customer value, you’ll know how to build CX business cases, calculate the ROI on CX initiatives and - perhaps most important - translate customer smiles into cash. 

These skills deserve showing. So, once you've implemented the 100-day CX monetisation plan that you'll co-create with your coach, you’ll be eligible for certification by Customerfit and Alain Thys. 

That means on your CV, LinkedIn and anywhere else you can display proof of your abilities as a Certified CX Monetisation Expert.  

When the market picks up again, this may also allow you to do some monetising of your own 😉.

Are you ready to turn customer smiles into cash?

Find a time that fits your schedule and get advice from a Customerfit coach on making more money from customer experience management in your company.

With all of this, at the end of 100 days, you’ll be able to... 

  • Calculate and demonstrate the return on your customer experience efforts 
  • Prioritise the highest ROI customer experience investments  
  • Launch pragmatic initiatives that help you turn customer smiles into cash 
  • Create a roadmap to expand your monetisation efforts into the future 
  • Confidently answer any questions regarding the value of your CX initiatives

“The value of the content is fantastic, and the structure is so well built that everything is logical and straightforward. The great thing is that you gave me tools to support my projects to my management. Moreover, you gave me new ideas on how to better address customer experience and how to show its value to the stakeholders and so - getting them more involved.”  

 — Cornelia Mihaela, Enterprise Customer Experience Manager, Bitdefender

As a company, Monetise CX lets you evolve...

FROM treating customer experience as 'good for the brand' or the NPS score, but disconnected from profits (and thus, at risk)...  

TO valuing customer exerience as a key commercial strategy and an investment that delivers measurable financial returns when you need them most.

As a customer professional, it helps you transition...

FROM being seen to work on the 'fluffy' topic of customer experience, tabling proposals that get polite nods, but no real action ... 

TO being seen as someone who proposes practical investment cases and initiatives that add value to the bottom line.  

If you want to 'get serious' about the ROI of CX?

Explore whether and how 'Monetise the customer experience' could add more value to your business.

Alain Thys on stage

"Everyone talks about how to GENERATE more value for the customer, ...

... but hardly anyone shows you how to CAPTURE value in return."

Why Alain created 'Monetise the customer experience'.

Over 30 years, Alain has worked on some of the largest and smallest customer experience projects. And he's consistently seen CX programmes struggle to attract the resources and leadership attention they deserve.  

The reason is simple. No one disputes the value of great customer experience. But it's not always easy to express this value in the only language business understands: money.

But most CX training programmes, books, courses and even consultants skirt around this problem. They show you how to GENERATE more value for the customer. But hardly anyone talks about how to calculate and CAPTURE this value in return.

Today, this knowledge is more needed than ever.

That’s why Alain created Monetise the customer experience. A programme that's based on the customer economics work he's done at companies like Philips, Toyota/Lexus, Telekom Austria Group, ING and many others.  

In it, he has templated every commercial tactic he's ever applied or seen others apply to turn the customer smiles that a business creates into cash.  

Monetise the customer experience is designed to work for companies at all levels of CX maturity, even if you have very little customer data available. 

Because, in contrast to what some may think or even claim, taking a financial view of customer experience isn’t rocket science. It just takes the right knowledge, tools and support. 

Preview what’s inside the programme

If you made it this far down the page, you're probably interested in monetising your company's customer experience. 

So visit our demo environment, where you review all of the topics you and your coach will work on. 

You can also watch the introductory videos to each of the key sections of the programme.


Find the level of support that's right for you

While the techniques to monetise CX apply across business situations, every implementation is different.  

You may be able to complete your 100-day sprint independently, after only a few hours of coaching. Or you may prefer to work intensively with a Customerfit coach over a longer period - even 12 months.  

Depending on your preferences, aspirations and needs, our coaches can help you:

  • Accellerate your learning process, so you can rapidly achieve first results 
  • Apply Monetise the CX to your context  
  • Build an action plan to calculate and evaluate the return on different CX investments  
  • Identify initiatives to turn customer smiles into cash 
  • Develop and align CX business cases  
  • Kick-off CX initiatives and guide you to early wins  
  • Overcome barriers specific to your organisation 
  • Answer any questions you may have

Because customer experience monetisaton is a team effort, your Customerfit coach can even be brought into conversations with key stakeholders. 

In most cases, this work can be done 100% online. But if you need your coach at an in-person meeting or presentation, this is an option (subject to relevant travel & health restrictions).

Want to talk to a CX expert about your monetisation needs?

Even if you decide not to work with us, you're sure to pick up a few ideas on CX monetisation.

What happens in a discovery call?

At Customerfit, our reputation is in the results we help clients generate. That’s why we only want you to join our programmes if we’re confident you’ll see a measurable improvement in performance.

This process starts with a discovery call. You'll review your situation with a Customerfit expert coach to:

  • Assess your company's readiness and your goals
  • Estimate the time and resources you/your company would need to commit
  • Determine the level of support you’d need 
  • Answer any questions you may have about the Monetise sprint or the broader Customerfit programmes
  • See if the two of you get along (let's be honest, it matters)

If both you and our coach see the value, we’ll present you with a customised offer.


To demonstrate our value, you and your coach will also engage in a short brainstorm on CX monetisation in your business.  

Whether or not you choose to join the programme, this means you'll walk away with some free inspiration and advice. 

Not ready to talk? Do a self-assessment

The best way to find out if Monetise the customer experience is right for you is to talk to a coach. But if you’d rather explore on your own first, you’re welcome to.

An excellent place to start is the one-page self-assessment: Are You Monetising Your Customer Experience?

Rank yourself from “not at all” to “always” on 23 critical questions and get a glimpse of how you could be capturing more value.

No email address required

Is this programme right for your business?

Companies of all sizes and CX maturity levels struggle to monetise their customer experience. 

This programme may be a good fit if you want to:

  • Lift customer experience in your business from being seen as a general good to a business practice that generates demonstrable ROI
  • Capture real value from your CX activities (turn customer smiles into cash) 
  • Motivate others in your business to capture more financial value from their CX investments
  • Expand your skills as a CX professional from adding value to the customer to capturing measurable value

How much time will you need to invest?

Monetising the CX won’t take over your life — or require too much from your colleagues.

Over the first 100 days, you need to set aside a few hours a week to:

  • Learn the methods
  • Collect data
  • Run basic calculations 
  • Secure modest but real support from colleagues
  • Organise at least one half-day workshop with key stakeholders

Your coach can help keep you on track and make the most efficient use of your time.


But there are a few caveats you should know

From working with close to a hundred companies of all sizes, our coaches have a track record of proven success and we’re confident we can help you too. 

However, we're not miracle workers. What you can expect to achieve from the programme is determined by what you can put into it.

  • Your existing CX efforts must have value for customers before you can capture this value. Even if this was the case yesterday, the changing economic environment may have made your proposition less relevant to your target audience. In that case we can still help, but we may recommend to pursue other avenues before you focus on monetisation.
  • What you can achieve in 100 days depends on where you start. Set your expectations based on the current CX sophistication and capabilities of your business. E.g. if your CRM system is still struggling to keep up with the sales numbers and your data analysis or finance team is chronically overloaded with other work, it’s not realistic to expect an AI model that will predict revenue based on customer happiness — yet 😉.
  • The 100 day target assumes a moderate commitment level on your part. Think 3-4 days a month + the willingness to actively enlist the support of your colleagues. If you are unable to commit to this, we recommend you agree on a different timeline with your coach. 
  • No specific results are guaranteed. As your coach we maximise your chances of success, but you will still need to run the race yourself. 

So, if you’re ready to exercise your ROI muscles… and put customer experience in the place it deserves in your company, then we invite you to try Monetise CX.

Other frequently asked question about the programme

How does this programme compare in price to customer experience consulting?

Every implementation is unique, so it's hard to estimate exactly what your programme will cost without a conversation.

But in our experience our investment requirements are somewhat higher than ‘off-the-shelf’ training and 40-60% below those of a 100-day (mid-range) consultancy project.

That’s because we coach and equip you to do it yourself, so you’re less reliant on external consulting.

Who will coach me and what are their qualifications?

Each coach is a seasoned business and customer experience professional who has gone through an internal Customerfit certification process. This means your coach both completely understands the programme AND the realities of doing business ‘in the real world’.

While Alain does occasionally take up the role as Customerfit coach, his role is to oversee the programme.

What if my senior management doesn’t buy into customer experience? Can you help sell them on the importance?

Even executives who are CX skeptics are highly interested in the prospect of monetising CX. In a discovery call, we can help you frame the case for enlisting our support, so you’re more likely to get approval.

When executives see that you have a clear, credible process for calculating the ROI on CX … and you can make solid business cases for generating more revenue, you have their attention.

In one case, Alain found the global CFO of an international company became so excited about the approach on which Monetise CX is based that he became the sponsor of the company’s CX programme.

Of course, there are exceptions. If you want to bring your coach into a conversation with executives to determine their level of support, just ask in the discovery call.

What if my company isn’t ready?

In the discovery call, you’ll discuss with your coach the current customer capabilities of your business. It’s an opportunity to jointly assess whether your company ‘has what it takes’ to start monetising. If you need to take other steps first, your coach will make recommendations. (That’s free consulting.)

How much support will I need from my colleagues to actually monetise CX?

We find that most professionals are usually quick to provide support once they see the benefits of monetising CX. (And your coach will help you frame those benefits compellingly.)

Ask yourself: Wouldn’t your sales manager be interested in ways of generating more sales? Or marketing in building great word-of-mouth?

How much coaching can be included?

It really depends on how much you need. We’ll arrive at a reasonable estimate of coaching hours at the outset. Some people need only a few hours, while others prefer regular coaching over a longer period.

Our goal is to get you to independence, so we won’t recommend more hours than we think it takes for you to confidently monetise CX yourself.

What if I discover later that I need more coaching or support?

As you start doing the work, your needs may change. In fact, we regularly see CX professionals and companies become more ambitious once they understand what can be achieved.

If you think you need more coaching, simply bring it up with your coach.

Our priority is to empower you to be self-sufficient and our coaches will never knowingly oversell you. We’ll always be fully transparent about the costs and benefits of any additional support you require.

How long will I have access to the programme materials?

The video instruction materials are licensed on a yearly basis. Typically, we find that organisations implementing one sprint only require 3-6 months of access, after which you’ll have a handle on the Monetise CX methodology.

All templates and toolkits you implement are licensed to your business forever and a day.

It’s already hard to keep up at work. How can I start something new?

You will need to allocate a few hours a week to learning and implementing. As you start to look at your CX efforts through the lens of ROI, you may find that some of the work that consumes your time today isn’t necessary. You can get better results for your business reallocating that time to focus on what delivers ROI.

What if we find there hasn’t been a good ROI on our current programmes?

It is possible that some of your CX programmes aren’t delivering an ROI. While this can be disappointing, it’s an opportunity.

CX professionals who don’t know how to calculate the ROI of programmes are in a defensive position. You can be in a proactive position as the one initiating conversations about monetising your efforts.

Your coach will help you frame the need to improve lower ROI programmes or replace them with profitable CX initiatives you discover.

What if this takes us more than 100 days?

We set the 100 day sprint goal because in our experience this is more than enough for any motivated CX professional to develop competence with the Monetise CX method and achieve your first results.

Having said that, the goal is to come to a plan that works for you. So if this takes longer (or shorter), then that's what we'll do.

What if I don’t have a lot of customer data? Will this still work for me?

You don’t need extensive or complete data to demonstrate ROI and generate revenue from CX.

In fact, in the most basic version of our approach you can get started by just gathering a dozen people in a room to make initial estimates. And typically we find that if you ask the right people, you have more data than you think.

Do I need expertise in finance to learn how to monetise CX?

All you need to know is basic math. Your role will be to show people how we monetise CX and bring in colleagues to help as necessary.

What if I’m not successful?

We’re your coach, so you will need to run - and win - your own race. Still, our reputation is based on getting you to be successful. We’ll work closely with you to create a realistic plan and show you what to do to get results.

To put your mind at ease, over the past two decades Alain has run the core principles of Monetise CX with over 200 managers across Europe. After a few hours of coaching every one of these managers has at a minimum developed a credible business case and identified first opportunities to turn smiles into cash.

Is there a satisfaction or money back guarantee?

Customerfit is about CX performance coaching. This means that we'll give you the tools, coaching and support to be successful. But you'll have to run the race and get the results by yourself.

Still, when humans cooperate, things can go wrong. So if there should ever be a real cause for dissatisfaction or disappointment, you can always talk to your coach to discuss a solution.

So far, we've never had an unhappy customer, and we wouldn't want you to be the first.

Customerfit is a brand name of Shalima BV - all rights reserved.