The ONLY coaching system you need to level up your customer fitness

(and monetise the results)


*Includes all the relevant training, implementation tools, templates and scripts from the Customerfit Academy

Do any of these sound like you?

  • A customer experience leader who works hard to create a more customer-centric business, but who also knows there is so much more that could be achieved.
  • An executive who understands that customer-centricity represents the next level of growth for their business, but who isn't necessarily clear on the 'smartest next move' to make it happen.
  • An entrepreneur who knows that beyond technology and innovation, success requires a strong customer-connection. But who doesn't have the resources of a major corporation to make this happen.

If so, then we're happy you found us.

Pedro Almeida

"Customerfit is a system that works. It gets people talking the same language. It identifies the gaps to make a business consistently good in being customer-centric."

 — Pedro Almeida, Director, Strategic Marketing, Wireco WorldGroup

We help you level up your CX performance

Building on know-how from experience programmes affecting over 500 million customers world-wide, we help you create more customer smiles and turn them into cash for your business.

Depending on your level, we do this through:

  • Active coaching, where we help you get started on your journey to customer-centricity. Pick the one or two disciplines that will have the biggest impact and make sure you demonstrate visible progress.
  • Performance coaching, where we work to make customer experience a key attention point for different business functions and establish a company-wide roadmap to customer-centricity.
  • Elite coaching where we help you to make your business an experience leader in its industry. Deliver customer excellence today and creating the breakthrough experiences of tomorrow.

If you do your part as a customer athlete, together we'll show results in 100 days at a total cost significantly below that of most consultants.

"We did the Customerfit with a large x-functional group and were positively surprised how easy it works. The results were delivered and presented in a clear and actionable format and helped us on our CX journey." 

Lisa Kuhr, Director Consumer Operations, adidas

"Customer experience management is a discipline. If you play the right customer game, the scores will automatically follow."

Alain Thys

Your road to customer performance

In the world of sports, there are two types of coaches. Those that help you get more healthy and fit, and those that help you compete to win.

Customer experience is a competitive discipline. So we've chosen the second path. This means we don't just share templates, ask questions and then leave you to your own devices. We consider ourselves as jointly accountable for your results, so we:

  • Assess your company's overall level of customer fitness against a set of normative benchmarks.
  • Create a realistic but ambitious roadmap to improve that pushes you beyond today, yet also respects existing limitations.
  • Align relevant stakeholders around this roadmap and - if required - its underlying business/investment case.
  • Do (a set of) 100-day sprints* that bring one or more aspects of the roadmap to life (leveraging the FREE Customerfit Academy content).
  • Evaluate progress & recalibrate the plan based on the progress that has been made.

Just like in real sports, every cycle leads to a higher level of performance. Until you reach the point that your business does the right things without thinking about it. That's when you start to play for real.

* Time frame will be tailored to your company's requirements, resources and stakeholder availability.

Keith Byrne

"Customerfit is of huge benefit when driving cultural change. Whether you are looking to shock your C-suite into action, or supplement your own research, the methodology can form an essential part of a change management programme or strategic reevaluation."

Keith Byrne, Manager Operations, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services BeNeLux

What you can expect

Every coaching programme is tailored to your situation, resources and ambition levels. But generally, you can expect your coach to support you in 6 ways.

  • Expertise: Unless your business is an 'Elite' performer, 80% of your CX challenges have already been solved by someone else. We help you adapt 'proven practices' to your situation.
  • Co-creation: When you need to create 'unique solutions' for your business, we roll up our sleeves and co-create. Your coach has done your job, so they can help you find shortcuts and avoid costly mistakes.
  • Sparring: When you need to prepare a big presentation, overcome an unexpected challenge or have a difficult conversation with a stakeholder, we help you figure out the best approach.
  • On-field support: When the stakes are high, it can be nice that your coach is in the room. They'll support from the sidelines, or - within reason - roll up their sleeves to play with you.
  • Motivation: Even the most committed athlete has a bad day. We don't paint a needlessly rosy picture, but we'll get you back on your feet and ready for the next game.
  • Occasional 'tough love': We don't like doing it, but if we feel that you or your business are in the way of your own success, we'll tell it to you straight. Then we'll do everything to help you overcome that hurdle.

"It was an absolute pleasure to bring the Customerfit methodology to my company.

I thought I knew a thing or two about being customer-centric, yet this collaboration taught me what customer-centricity TRULY is."

Simona Augulyte, Customer engagement lead, NN International

Meet Alain Thys

Our Founder and Chief Coach

With 30 years of experience, he's one of Europe's veterans in the customer experience game. With his teams, he influenced the experience of over half a billion customers and 350,000 employees world-wide, creating hundreds of millions in value, and many more smiles.

This has taught him - the hard way - what works and what doesn't in the land of customer experience management. All this knowledge, plus that of the other Customerfit coaches has been integrated into Customerfit.

Alain is:

  • one of the world's first authors on the topic of customer-centricity, with the highly referenced book 'So You Want To Be Customer-Centric?'
  • the Experience Architect that helped the likes of Lexus, Vodafone, Philips, ING/NN, Mercedes, Coca Cola, Grant Thornton, Bordeaux Wines and many others design and level up their customer experience.
  • an international speaker known for his experiential and engaging approach to keynote presentations.
  • promoter of next level experience formats.

“For the first time in my life, I got a more structured way of thinking about customer experience and client satisfaction. This makes it possible to embed Customerfit in the talent development programmes of your organisation."

Nikolaas Tahon, Chairman, Deloitte Belgium

"Everyone wants to win the Customer Olympics. Get the best Net Promoter Scores. Delight.

But only few businesses approach this goal with the discipline of an athlete who relentlessly builds strength and ruthlessly addresses weakness. To become truly customer-centric, you need to step away from customer experience initiatives and start working on the CX capabilities of your organisation."

Alain Thys

Malcolm Stamper

"It is not often you get to work with partners that really understand customer centricity. Customerfit shows the team's experience and their ability to deliver a clear, practical for all, approach."  

Malcolm Stamper, Head of Corporate Brand, Etex Group

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