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  • 20+ hours of snack-sized training videos. That's over 200 videos of 3-10 minutes each.
  • 100+ plug-and-play templates & tools to make ROI calculations, run surveys, create value propositions, and much more.
  • 1000+ PowerPoint slides, meeting agendas, and workshop scripts that you can modify and reuse in your presentations.
  • Weekly training and guidance emails to keep you on track with the program, help you to solve CX problems, and learn from real-life applications.
  • A free one-on-one coaching call where you can ask questions and explore topics that go beyond the manual.

All of this comes at no cost, with nothing gated.

Subject to a few conditions, you can modify, copy and distribute Customerfit materials at will.

(Most materials are shared in a Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike license.)

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"I followed several online courses on Customerfit platform and really liked that they were full of practical examples, tools and templates that are easily adjustable. I thought I know a thing or two about being customer-centric, yet this taught me what customer centricity TRULY is."

Simona Augulyte, Customer Engagement Lead - NN International

The Customerfit Academy is more than an online CX training programme

We consider it an IKEA-style solution to customer experience management

A set of do-it-yourself toolkits that contain everything you need to overcome your most important CX challenges, and profit from the smiles you create.

Check this short video to learn more about our vision, and how to navigate this world of free training, templates, weekly workouts and more.

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Sylvia Van Cauteren

"Customerfit is delightfully easy to use. Just follow the step-by-step process, the tangible (B2B) examples, and - most importantly - the advice on how to implement with your own teams."

Sylvia Van Cauteren, Marketing Director, Brightfish (member of Kinepolis Group)

Use these 7 sprint packs to solve tricky CX problems

Each includes video training, tools, templates, meeting agendas, scripts, and customizable PowerPoint slides.

  • Setting customer experience standards. Only 19% of companies can properly describe the customer experience they want to offer. Learn how to set CX standards that systematically satisfy and delight.
  • Listening to and acting on the customer voice. Many organisations still struggle with Voice of the Customer (VoC) programmes. Get everything you need to collect and act on customer feedback.
  • Monetising CX. Customer experience programmes need to show the business the money. Learn how to make a robust business case for your initiatives, and how to turn customer smiles into cash.
  • Becoming an insights first business. Any CX programme needs to start from clear customer insights. Learn how to identify them for your market and how to make your business act on them.
  • Building a customer-centric workforce. Customer experience isn't always on the agenda of your colleagues and leadership. Set up a programme to build a customer-centric movement in your business.
  • Designing customer-centric value propositions. The majority of value propositions fail to achieve their potential. Learn a proven method to make yours succeed (and when to stop investing).
  • Organising for customer-centricity. As the business gets larger, CX programmes get harder to organise. Learn what you need about governance, corporate planning and organisational design.

Whether you're with a large corporation, a start-up, a small business, or a consultancy, the Customerfit Academy offers practical CX knowledge for everyone.

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“The value of the content is fantastic, and the structure is so well built that everything is logical and straightforward. The great thing is that you gave me tools to support my projects to my management. Moreover, you gave me new ideas on how to better address customer experience and how to show its value to the stakeholders and so - getting them more involved.”  

 — Cornelia Mihaela, Enterprise Customer Experience Manager, Bitdefender

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The Customerfit Academy contains the knowledge of 30 years in CX, influencing the experience of over 500 million customers worldwide...

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