About us

We want to make the world a more customer-friendly place

Why? Because customer-focus is the most profitable strategy a business can pursue. And it makes people smile 🙂.

But we have to be realists. There is no magic potion for customer-centricity. In the real world, processes, budget constraints, KPIs and politics get in the way. Doing the right thing feels like a never-ending uphill battle.

It doesn't need to be this way.

The right tools and approaches can get you a long way. Save you a lot of pain. Even make CX fun for everyone.

That's why we're sharing our 30 years of experience in customer and transformation projects to help people like you deliver experiences that matter. Through training, tools and personal performance coaching to visibly improve your company's customer fitness.

Join our movement for continuous experience improvement, and help make your part of the world a little more Customerfit.

Alain Thys

Founder, Customerfit

Choose your path to customer fitness

Engage with Customerfit content and coaching in three ways:

  • The FREE Customerfit Academygives you the training, tools, templates, and meeting scripts to overcome your most important customer experience challenges. By yourself.
  • The Customerfit System coaching programme provides you with the performance tools and methods to visibly improve the customer fitness of your business, with initial results in 100 days or less.
  • Our highly experienced coaches provide hands-on support when times get tough or when the manual runs out.

Join the Customerfit movement

Join the Customerfit Movement and get instant access to 20+ hours of video training, 100+ templates, 1000+ PowerPoint slides, weekly CX email workouts, and bi-weekly coaching.