Performance coaching for customer experience advocates

Everyone wants to be a customer champion

But you know that success doesn't come easy

It requires focus, technique and discipline. A training schedule that looks beyond the hype and considers all aspects of customer fitness. Even those that no one wants to talk about.

That's why I created Customerfit. A customer experience (CX) performance coaching method rooted in 30 years of solving the most complex customer experience problems.

By using our tools, and working with our coaches, we can help you develop a roadmap to reach your biggest CX goals, achieve those wins, and turn customer smiles into cash.

Do you want to get Customerfit?

Alain Thys


Access the FREE Customerfit Academy

The Customerfit Academy includes everything you need to tackle your most important CX challenges.

You'll instantly get free access to 20+ hours of video, 100+ plug-and-play templates & tools, 1000+ PowerPoint slides, meeting agendas, workshop scripts, weekly recommendations and much more.

Plus, tap into free advice in a bi-weekly group coaching call.

Performance coaching

Customer experience management is a competitive sport. You're competing against yourself — but also against your rivals. So you need to continuously take your company's customer fitness to the next performance level. Or risk falling behind.

THE CUSTOMERFIT SYSTEM is a proven and cost effective coaching method to help you better measure, manage and monetise your customer experience.

Not only through 'quick fixes', but by helping you play the right customer game. Usually, results are already visible in 100 days.

“For the first time in my life, I got a more structured way of thinking about customer experience and client satisfaction. This makes it possible to embed Customerfit in the talent development programmes of your organisation."  

Nikolaas Tahon, Chairman

Deloitte Belgium

Our operating principles


Everything we do is rooted in our real-world CX successes. We have helped to improve the experience of millions of customers.

Our coaches have been there and done it.


Customerfit coaches get hands on with your team to create roadmaps, build skills and co-create success.

We equip you with what it takes to win - so eventually, you won't need us.


Your company is unique. So we tailor our programmes to your individual needs, situation and even budget.

The Customerfit methods work for startups and global corporations alike.

Find out if Customerfit is right for your organisation

Pedro Almeida

"Customerfit is a system that works. That gets people talking the same language. That identifies the gaps to make a business consistently good in being customer-centric."

Pedro Almeida, Director, Strategic Marketing, Wireco WorldGroup

"We did the Customerfit with a large x-functional group and were positively surprised how easy it works. The results were delivered and presented in a clear and actionable format and helped us on our CX journey." 

Lisa Kuhr, Director Consumer Operations, adidas

Malcolm Stamper

"It is not often you get to work with partners that really understand customer centricity. Customerfit shows the team's experience and their ability to deliver a clear, practical for all, approach."  

Malcolm Stamper, Head of Corporate Brand, Etex Group

Sylvia Van Cauteren

"Customerfit is delightfully easy to use. Just follow the step-by-step process, the tangible (B2B) examples, and - most importantly - the advice on how to implement with your own teams."

Sylvia Van Cauteren, Marketing Director, Brightfish (member of Kinepolis Group)

Customerfit equips you to:

  • Consistently and affordably deliver a CX that stands out from the competition
  • Avoid risks and seize opportunities by listening to and acting on customer feedback
  • Innovate based on customer needs that may not show in traditional research
  • Build true customer-centricity into your company for long-term advantage
  • Turn customer smiles into cash and demonstrate the financial ‘return on experience’

Discover the practical, step-by-step process and tangible results

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