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The best way to learn about us is to set up a discovery session in which one of our coaches helps you assess whether Customerfit is right for you and your business. And tell you straight away if they feel that it isn't. 

If there is another topic you'd like to raise, or prefer to have communication over email first, you are of course more than welcome to send us a message using the form below.

About Customerfit

Our mission is to make the world a more customer-friendly place. 

Having run some of the largest and smallest customer experience programmes on the planet, we have learned what works and what doesn't in the land of customer-centricity.  

So we captured this knowledge in an approach which breaks with the traditional consultancy model where new clients pay full rate for the same templates that other companies have used before. 

Instead, we provide the tools, training and - when required - coaching that allows you to:

  • Rapidly and successfully assess your current customer experience management level.
  • Develop a bold but realistic roadmap to 'upgrade' these capabilities.
  • Successfully implement each capability on this roadmap, by yourself.


While unorthodox, the Customerfit System comes with a number of tangible benefits. The TOP 3 our clients mention includes:

  • With the Customerfit planning system, customer experience management becomes tangible and manageable, rather than fluffy and hard-to-influence.
  • Our combination of do-it-yourself tools with personal coaching helps your people to own the solutions they implement.
  • The sprint-based approach allows synching your customer efforts to your available resources. 

Finally, Customerfit requires ca. 40-60% less investment than achieving the same results through a team of mid-priced customer experience consultants.

Meet some of our coaches

During our seed stage, we've deliberately kept our team small, so we could test and solidify every aspect of our approach. As we go-to-market in Q4-2019, we will start recruiting high quality coaches from around Europe and beyond. Stay tuned!

Norbert Verkimpe

Norbert Verkimpe

Alain Thys

More coaches coming soon.

Long story short...

Customer experience management is a business capability like any other. We help your business become a high performer.  

Not as academic trainers or PowerPoint consultants. But as sparring partners. Coaches who've done the job you're trying to do. Who can help your people do it by themselves.

Faster. Better. And at a lower total investment. 

Let's get started

Customerfit is by far the most powerful customer experience management framework and toolkit on the market. 

Let's have a chat to see how we can improve your company's customer fitness.


Performance programmes for those serious about customer experience management.


Keynotes & master classes

Speeches and work sessions to inspire and help your people become customer champions.

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Customerfit Academy

'Do-it-yourself' toolkits & personal coaching to tackle your top customer experience challenges.

Performance programmes

Align your leadership team on a common roadmap to customer experience excellence. 

Client testimonials

Every company will tell you how great they are. We prefer to let our customers do the talking. 

Deloitte Accountancy on Customerfit

Since 2018, Deloitte Accountancy Belgium has worked with Customerfit. 

Our coaches helped the company develop a three year roadmap to take its customer experience management capabilities to an even higher level. Building on the Customerfit Academy, this roadmap is now being implemented. 

One customer fitness sprint at a time.  

More customer comments

Pedro Almeida

"Customerfit is a system that works. That gets people talking the same language. That identifies the gaps to make a business consistently good in being customer-centric."

Pedro Almeida, Director, Strategic Marketing, Wireco WorldGroup

"We did the Customerfit with a large x-functional group and were positively surprised how easy it works. The results were delivered and presented in a clear and actionable format and helped us on our CX journey." 

Lisa Kuhr, Director Consumer Operations, adidas

Malcolm Stamper

"It is not often you get to work with partners that really understand customer centricity. Customerfit shows the team's experience and their ability to deliver a clear practical for all approach."  

Malcolm Stamper, Head of Corporate Brand, Etex Group

Sylvia Van Cauteren

"Customerfit is delightfully easy to use. Just follow the step-by-step process, the tangible (B2B) examples, and - most importantly - the advice on how to implement with your own teams."

Sylvia Van Cauteren, Marketing Director, Brightfish (member of Kinepolis Group)

Meet your Customerfit coach

Book a quick call to discover how we can help you level up your customer's experience.

Our services

How we can help

Three ways to boost your personal and your company's customer experience management capabilities.


Keynotes & master classes

Speeches and work sessions to inspire and help your people become customer champions.

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Customerfit Academy

'Do-it-yourself' toolkits and personal coaching to tackle your top customer experience challenges.

Performance programmes

Align your leadership team on a common roadmap to customer experience excellence. 

Our Goal

Our Customerfit performance programmes help your people accellerate your company's journey to customer excellence. 

Not by relying on expensive consultants. But by giving your team the tools, knowledge and coaching to do the work themselves. This is faster, more economical, and it allows your colleagues to proudly own the results that your business achieves. 

Shall we get to know each other?

A website can only convey so much. If you want to know more about us, book a discovery session so we can have a virtual coffee.


Keynotes & master classes

According to some, customer focus should come natural. But sometimes your people need an inspirational push. A few pointers on where to go next. 

Our keynote speeches and master classes can provide this for your business. All presentations are built on proven components tailored to the needs of your company. 

Keynote speeches

Alain Thys on stage

Aimed at groups of 15 to 1500, our keynotes take the 'fluffiness' out of customer experience management.  

Delivered by our founder and Chief Coach, Alain Thys, they talk about the practical components that need to be in place. How experience management drives profit. Which leadership skills your teams need to develop.  

Using the Customerfit System, Alain can even publicly assess your company's customer capabilities and identify the actions that will make the biggest difference.  

Getting this 'up close and personal' makes our keynotes a great launchpad for any customer initiatives that you may want to launch or continue.  

Some possible topics of conversation include:  

  • How 'customer fit' is your business?
  • What does it mean to be a customer focused leader?
  • How can your business overcome the main barriers to customer-centricity?
  • How to prepare for the customer experience of 2025?
  • ...  

Master classes


For groups of 5 to 50 people, master classes deep-dive into one or more aspects of customer experience management.  

They introduce participants to all key aspects of the chosen topic, who apply them through practical cases. 

After the session, everyone receives online access to the workshop content, tools and templates. This allows reviewing the lessons learned, and ensuring their application.

Combined with one or more follow-up coaching sessions, this puts your people on solid ground when they move to action.  

Current master class topics include:  

  • Setting customer experience standards.
  • How to listen to and act on the customer voice.
  • Monetise your customer experience efforts.
  • Build a customer-centric organisation.
  • Build a customer-centric workforce.
  • Customer-centric value proposition design.  

As we are continuously developing new content, we're always happy to discuss any needs not covered in this list.

What participants and organisers say

James Carter

"Alain provide a perfect key note opening to our Design Forward event. The audience really appreciated it and his talk was referenced at multiple points during the event (and after!). Ahead of the talk, Alain took the time to understand the brief, our business challenges and was really happy tailor WIP thoughts based on our feedback."

James Carter, Global Brand Manager, Experian

Roberta Callara

"One of the most effective and brilliant courses on customer-centricity I ever attended".  

Roberta Callarà, Director of Sales & Marketing, Hotel Savoy Rome

Jef Van Rossum

"I really like this Customerfit workshop. It is a very packed to the point content that you can use in any type of environment."

Jef Van Rossum, Head of Customer Service Belgium/Luxembourg, BT

“The presentation was extremely well prepared and spot on! Additionally to being a great speaker Alain is a very good moderator and has a very didactic approach”. 

Yasmine Couderc, Group Head of Talent Management, Easyfairs

A small taste

This video interview was recorded at the Customer Experience Conference organised by DEC in Madrid. 

It contains a few of Alain's thoughts on the barriers that businesses need to overcome when becoming customer-centric. 

Shall we talk more?

Click below for a 30 minute discovery session on how our keynotes and master classes can help inspire your people and business. 


Customerfit Academy

Customer experience management isn't rocket science. In fact, most solutions are based on common sense and simple processes. But to succeed, you do need a little bit of guidance.

The Customerfit Academy contains a series of do-it-yourself sprint packs that provide you with the knowledge, tools and templates to address your most important customer experience challenges. And when you get stuck, or need a little bit of tailoring, our coaches are on call.

So instead of reinventing the customer experience wheel, you can just get on with improving your company's CX capabilities. One customer fitness sprint at a time.

Look below for the areas where we can assist.

Setting customer experience standards

Only one in five companies are able to clearly articulate the customer experience they want to offer. 

So formulate 'what great looks like' for your company, and implement this.

Listening to and acting on the customer voice

Two out of three companies fail to systematically listen to and especially ACT on customer feedback.

Create the processes, culture and systems to be the one that gets it right.

How to build a customer-centric workforce

A customer initiative can only succeed when it is supported by the people who need to deliver it.

Ensure that your colleagues are willing, skilled and able to do the job.

Customer-centric value proposition design

Success in innovation is about value propositions that resonate with your customers and your organisation.

Make sure that your new propositions tick all the boxes for success. 

Organise for customer-centricity

Customer experience management doensn't just 'happen'. Especially in larger organisations (> 200 people).

Develop a team and governance to make your efforts go smoothly.

Coming soon to a screen near you :-) 

We are currently working on sprint packs for customer insights, CX monetisation, customer journey mapping and more... 

If you cannot see what you need, get in touch. We may be working on it.

What our users say

Sylvia Van Cauteren

"Customerfit is delightfully easy to use. Just follow the step-by-step process, the tangible (B2B) examples, and - most importantly - the advice on how to implement with your own teams."  

Sylvia Van Cauteren, Marketing Director, Brightfish (member of Kinepolis Group)

"The Customerfit Academy makes it efficient to work, because the people you work with are already acquainted with the concepts and theory before you go to the meetings."

Sibille Tombeur, Quality Assurance & Reputation Director, Deloitte Accountancy Belgium

Coaching included

Each Customerfit Academy sprint pack includes a number of one-to-one coaching sessions. During these sessions, your personal Customerfit coach will help you apply the available materials to your business.

They will also help you cope with that 20% of 'special situations' that make your business unique. 

How can we help you improve?

Our sprint packs can help you tackle a variety of challenges. So book a quick call to explore how we can be of assistance. 

Performance programmes

Three steps to customer excellence

We assess your customer experience capabilities and co-create a roadmap to improve. One sprint at a time.



We compare your company's current customer experience management capabilities to what they should be.  

We then align your leaders team on a cross-functional roadmap to achieve your ambition levels.



Visions need pragmatic execution. We help turn your plans into actions, owners, timelines and resources.  

We can also help build your CX business case and right-size your ambitions to reality. 



To succeed, your people need to drive the customer agenda. But there is no need for them to reinvent the wheel.  

We provide your teams with the tools, templates and personal coaching to get every initiative 'first time right'.

Keith Byrne

"Customerfit is of huge benefit when driving cultural change. Whether you are looking to shock your C-suite into action, or supplement your own research, the methodology can form an essential part of a change management programme or strategic reevaluation."

Keith Byrne, Manager Operations, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services BeNeLux  

“For the first time in my life, I got a more structured way of thinking about customer experience and client satisfaction. This makes it possible to embed Customerfit in the talent development programmes of your organisation."

Nikolaas Tahon, Managing Partner Deloitte Accountancy Belgium

Ready to 'get serious' about customer experience?

Then book a discovery session to see how our performance coaching services can help your business 'level up'.

Join our free knowledge base

What you get when registering:

Customer fitness tips

Every 2 weeks, we share a short video or article which explains how to practically implement or improve an aspect of customer experience management.

Online knowledge

Our growing list of free videos, articles, templates and tools can help you raise your company's customer fitness levels. One topic at a time.

In-depth webinars

Every month, we host a members-only webinar and Q&A session, where you can deep-dive into the finer aspects of customer experience management.

Our promise

We don't believe in 'branded' white papers with fancy titles and graphs, but content that underwhelms.  

We want to earn your respect and interest with tools and information that delivers true value.  

And if it doesn't, we simply won't share it. 

That's a promise.

Do you want a more tailored approach?

If there is something particular you would like to discuss or share, we suggest that you book a discovery session with one of our coaches. Together, you can then see whether and how the Customerfit System is for you.

Though we still recommend you to register for our community as well 😉.

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Knowledge Base

Our FREE customer fitness tip videos, online toolkits and monthly webinars let you to experience the Customerfit approach for yourself.  


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