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Measure, master and monetise your customer experience. With first results in 100 days or less.

During the 2007-2009 recession, customer experience leaders generated 3x higher returns for shareholders.

The same applies today. As wallets tighten, customer success will be harder fought than ever. To succeed in this 'new normal', you must deliver an experience that adds value to your customers and to your bottom line.

We empower teams to win at CX


Assess your current level of customer fitness. Then align and implement a realistic roadmap to improve.

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Rapidly acquire the capabilities to design, deliver and continuously improve a unique customer experience.


Demonstrate the return on your experience investments and systematically turn customer smiles into cash.

Explore Customerfit’s CX performance programmes for measurably better results.

The Customerfit System™️ helps you craft experiences that customers truly value — and bring you profit.


You’re willing to invest the personal and organizational commitment it takes to profit from customer experience. But you need to show results.


We bring the methods, tools and expertise that equip your teams to catalyse change, improve your company’s customer fitness and then monetise the result. By themselves.

The end goal? Results like these:

Consistently and affordably deliver a CX that stands out from the competition;

Avoid business risks and seize customer opportunities by listening to and acting on customer feedback;

Develop innovative propositions around ’hidden’ needs that customers will pay more to have met;

Build a truly customer-centric organisation and culture for long-term advantage;

Turn customer smiles into cash and demonstrate the financial ‘return on experience’.

Client testimonials

“For the first time in my life, I got a more structured way of thinking about customer experience and client satisfaction. This makes it possible to embed Customerfit in the talent development programmes of your organisation."  

Nikolaas Tahon, Managing Partner

Deloitte Accountancy Belgium

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Pedro Almeida

"Customerfit is a system that works. That gets people talking the same language. That identifies the gaps to make a business consistently good in being customer-centric."

Pedro Almeida, Director, Strategic Marketing, Wireco WorldGroup

"We did the Customerfit with a large x-functional group and were positively surprised how easy it works. The results were delivered and presented in a clear and actionable format and helped us on our CX journey." 

Lisa Kuhr, Director Consumer Operations, adidas

Malcolm Stamper

"It is not often you get to work with partners that really understand customer centricity. Customerfit shows the team's experience and their ability to deliver a clear, practical for all, approach."  

Malcolm Stamper, Head of Corporate Brand, Etex Group

Sylvia Van Cauteren

"Customerfit is delightfully easy to use. Just follow the step-by-step process, the tangible (B2B) examples, and - most importantly - the advice on how to implement with your own teams."

Sylvia Van Cauteren, Marketing Director, Brightfish (member of Kinepolis Group)

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