Customer experience in times of COVID


Covid-19 has challenged every customer experience programme:

If you're in fashion, travel, catering or entertainment, your sales have all but evaporated.

If you're in a partially affected industry, you're scrambling to adapt. Perhaps even salvage your budgets.

If you're one of the lucky ones that thrive, you're challenged to keep up.

Unfortunately, we haven't seen the end of it

Vaccines have been announced, but 'back-to-normal' estimates range from Summer to Q4-2021. This means that your COVID-CX measures will need to be even more robust. Your customer experience needs to get ready for at least a year of tighter wallets, new customer expectations and new competitors.

All while continuing to build your CX capabilities. After all, the virus won't be around forever.

The three customer experience priorities for 2021

We live in Darwinian times. Businesses need to adapt, or face the consequences. This means that customer experience champions need to focus on three things:


Early in the pandemic, customers were forgiving of CX mistakes. But as the temporary normal continues, expectations will rise. You need to update your experience standards across all channels. And develop innovative propositions that respond to new customer needs.


Unless you work for Zoom or Amazon, customer experience budgets will be tight. So before spending, you need to demonstrate ROI. Allocate investments to the areas of highest return. Show the business how it can turn customer smiles into cash.


In the short term, you need to grab the quick & easy wins. But the virus won't be around forever. So while you focus on today, you need to lay the foundations for the CX capabilities that will prepare your business in the competitive landscape of tomorrow.

We help you get ready for 2021 (and beyond)


Update your customer experience standards.

Strenghten the experience across all channels.

Realign employee skills & behaviours to the new reality.


Demonstrate the return on your experience investments.

Allocate CX funds to projects with highest return estimates.

Help the business turn customer smiles into cash.


Assess your current state of customer fitness.

Identify quick improvement opportunities for 2021.

Build a smart roadmap for the post-COVID world.

Norbert Verkimpe

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The Customerfit System™️ is a pragmatic solution for an unusual time.

We designed Customerfit as a faster, better and cheaper way to make customer experience happen. More impactful than a training programme, yet more efficient and capability-driven than consulting.

Our proposal is simple. For a fixed budget we give you the tools, templates, know-how and coaching to recalibrate your customer experience, demonstrate ROI and prioritise for impact.

All you need is a desire for your business to adapt and a personal commitment to make it happen:


We provide everything you need to recalibrate CX, drive ROI and prioritise in times of COVID. By working from proven templates, you avoid mistakes and don't need to reinvent the wheel. Also, our approach cuts all the consulting fluff, which means things can go a lot faster.


Consulting projects always make sense until the experts leave. That's why our coaches focus on helping you do the work. This allows you to customise our proven practices to your situation, get the required buy-in from your colleagues and continue implementation after we are gone.


Marketing experts tell us we should say 'better value for money'. But we like to talk straight. So we tell you up-front what you need to invest and what you will get in return. And that we typically charge half the price of a mid-market consultancy (scroll down for prices).


Already pre-COVID, we knew that the future of professional services was digital. So all Customerfit programmes have been designed for 100% online delivery, across all devices. Regardless of your company's IT policy, we're ready to roll.

Want to get ready for the CX reality of 2021 and beyond?

Client testimonial

“For the first time in my life, I got a more structured way of thinking about customer experience and client satisfaction. This makes it possible to embed Customerfit in the talent development programmes of your organisation."  

Nikolaas Tahon, Chairman of the Board

Deloitte Belgium

Deliverables? How about:

A customer experience that is ready for the sustained Covid reality;

A CX budget that demonstrates return-on-experience;

A prioritised and aligned action plan to build your customer capabilities;

A clear story to tell your leaders about the value of CX.

More testimonials

Pedro Almeida

"Customerfit is a system that works. That gets people talking the same language. That identifies the gaps to make a business consistently good in being customer-centric."

Pedro Almeida, Director, Strategic Marketing, Wireco WorldGroup

"We did the Customerfit with a large x-functional group and were positively surprised how easy it works. The results were delivered and presented in a clear and actionable format and helped us on our CX journey." 

Lisa Kuhr, Director Consumer Operations, adidas

Malcolm Stamper

"It is not often you get to work with partners that really understand customer centricity. Customerfit shows the team's experience and their ability to deliver a clear, practical for all, approach."  

Malcolm Stamper, Head of Corporate Brand, Etex Group

Sylvia Van Cauteren

"Customerfit is delightfully easy to use. Just follow the step-by-step process, the tangible (B2B) examples, and - most importantly - the advice on how to implement with your own teams."

Sylvia Van Cauteren, Marketing Director, Brightfish (member of Kinepolis Group)

Norbert Verkimpe

Get your customer experience ready for 2021 and beyond

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